Academic Support

StudyingA variety of support programs are in place at BCHS to help all students experience academic success. Student support interventions include:

Access is scheduled two days a week for students to meet with their teachers for additional help. Students may use this time to make up work, including tests and missing assignments, or to enhance their understanding of content. A prearranged pass is required to visit teachers or the library.

Connections is a required advisory program for all grades to create partnerships between students, teachers, counselors, and administrators. It is designed to foster student achievement and to banish anonymity among students in our school. All students will be placed in a grade level Connections class which will meet two days a week.

Peer Tutors/Mentors
Peer Tutors are available at after school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These upperclassmen volunteer their time to help other students with their homework.

Reading Programs
Reading support may be provided to 9th and 10th grade students who are behind grade level in their reading skills through an elective class that builds reading comprehension and fluency.

Study Hall 
Most 9th and 10th grade students are scheduled into a Study Hall as a seventh class. Study Hall is an additional structured time within the school day for freshmen and sophomores to complete their homework. Study hall periods are aligned with math tutor rooms to gain additional support in the learning process. Students are expected to have homework or academic reading material with them on a daily basis.
Course credit is .50 per semester. Grading is based on academic engagement and attendance.

Tutor Room 
Math tutor rooms are available to students during their free period or Study Hall period to support student learning. Students may voluntarily go for help or may be assigned to attend a Tutor Room by a teacher, counselor, or administrator.

Library & Technology
Our library is staffed with a full-time, licensed digital teacher-librarian and a half-time library aide who assist students with their research, reading, and academic needs.

Our print collection contains over 16,000 volumes.  We subscribe 30+ magazines and over 145,000 e-books, including our EBSCO e-book subscription.  Our library catalog and electronic resources are available 24/7 at home and at school.

There are 30 chromebooks and 29 desktops for students to use. It is also equipped with a poster printer and a color copier for students to use for their assignments.

All our classrooms have SMARTboards (interactive whiteboards) and projectors and many have document cameras and classroom clicker sets.  The building is completely wired for Wi-Fi connectivity and our classrooms have MediaLogic sound systems to amplify a teacher’s voice.
There are close to 1,200 laptops, Chromebooks and desktop computers for students to use throughout our building with each department well-equipped with technology to deepen student learning.  Additionally, students are welcome to bring their own devices.  They can connect to our wireless system to access the Internet for school work. 

Individual departments use specialized equipment, our art department has Bamboo digital drawing tablets and science uses wind tunnels, stress analyzers and gives students the opportunity to build their own functioning robots.

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